Eating, Sleeping, Peeing

Landon and Brooks each hit new milestones this week…

Landon went pee pee on the potty!! After several random attempts to let him sit on his Elmo Potty, we gave another attempt this week and sure enough after sitting there for a few minutes before showertime, he went “wee wee” on the potty!  (Dean wants him to sound British… 🙂 ) We haven’t done anything consistently yet because he hasn’t shown us enough signs that he’s ready or can hold it.  He usually won’t even tell us after he goes, so we aren’t going full bore with this yet. But a great milestone nonetheless! And he was so excited afterwards that he stayed on and went a few more times! 

He’s been saying for several weeks – “want candy, pee pee potty!” and he finally earned it! 🙂

Brooks is getting back into his sleeping groove after a few rough weeks with his illness and then getting so hungry at night (waking up 1-2 times a night and destroying bottles), that we figured it was time to add the solids and it’s been much better.  He’s eating 2-3 times a day with baby oatmeal, sweet potatoes and we just added green beans!  Next up prunes – gotta keep him regular 🙂

Also, this week Brooks’ decided he is no longer a back sleeper.  He’s been rolling over for a few weeks now, but never at nighttime.  So we were shocked when last weekend he decided to roll to his belly, throw a little fit and then finally fall asleep.  He’s really been sleeping great that way so we aren’t going to mess with it!  (Since he rolled over for the first time right before his 4 month check up, we went ahead and asked the doctor about any precautions on him rolling on his belly during the night and SIDS and she said that once they are rolling over on their own, then you let them go with it.  So we are – and he seems to love belly time.) 

This is new to us because Landon was solely a back sleeper until he was almost a year old.  Now, he can be found in a variety of positions – fetal, limbs spread in all directions, legs up on the wall, face wrapped in blanket, etc.!

These little boys are surely changing before my eyes!  It’s amazing how proud I am of the little things they learn each day!  I love seeing Brooks grab his toys and get so excited with his hand-eye coordination success – it no longer takes 5-6 tries but only one or two for him to grab onto the dangly ball or spin the exersaucer contraption.  And Landon comes home telling me all about letter A and the different words that start with it – Apple, Alligator, Airplane 🙂

This weekend Fathers Day will be a great occassion to reflect on what an important role Dean has in their development and how much he does to make them smile and show them love on a daily basis!

I love my boys. I love their daddy.


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  1. Yay, Landy Pants! Way to pee, pee on the potty! Brooksie, are you talking to Har and Lawsy- tummy time sleeping is the only way the Kamm kiddos sleep!

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