It’s Fathers Day!

I am so lucky to celebrate two excellent fathers every year.

To my husband, who keeps me balanced and helps lighten my load.  I am so grateful for an awesome partner – in parenting and in life.  You make my job easier and I appreciate all the ways you help me out.  I love watching you with our boys – teaching, laughing, loving.  Thanks for being an awesome Daddy! I love, love, love you!

To my dad, You’re such a steady example as I go through life.  Thanks for teaching me the ropes in so many aspects of life.  I am constantly learning from you.  I learn just as much from you in my 30s as I did in my teens.  Thanks for raising me to be a strong, responsible, trustworthy person.  Nature vs nurture – you’re both and you’re a huge part of my life!  I love you Dad!


One comment

  1. Thanks Ginger! I love you too. I don’t tell you enough how amazed I am at how strong and capable you are. You’re the rock behind BAMA.

    Love Dad

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