Recipe: Watermelon Feta Salad

With all the great fruit in the summer, we are taking advantage and stocking up on lots of fresh produce each time we go grocery shopping.  Dean loves to buy watermelon all the time in the summer.  He accidentally bought a seeded watermelon somewhat recently and man, what a pain, trying to work around all those seeds.  Funny how that’s all we had growing up and how nice it is to be able to choose seedless watermelons.  Dean asked me, “who would choose a seeded watermelon when seedless is an option?”  I suggested, “people who want a seed spitting contest?”  It’s kinda like when we are out eating Chinese and he can’t believe I would use chopsticks when a fork is much easier 😉

So, if you are looking for a recipe to use up that watermelon, this salad is delicious.  Sorry, I don’t ever do exact measurements unless I’m making cookies, so these are going to be estimates!  Add or subtract as you see fit 😉

1 bag arugula (or arugla/spinach mix)
Several slices of seedless watermelon, diced (should be relatively small – 1/2″ cubes)
generous handful of sliced almonds (maybe 1/3 c)
even more generous handful of feta cheese crumbles (1/2-2/3c)
champagne vinagrette dressing (I buy the fancy, glass diamond shaped bottle – like $4 a bottle)

Mix the first five ingredients together and then dress and serve immediately. 

This salad doesn’t keep very well with the dressing and the juicy watermelon so definitely one you’ll want to eat right away and it’s so delicious you probably won’t have any leftovers – which would be pretty soggy and wilted the next day! 🙂

(If you wanted to prep beforehand I would combine all ingredients except the watermelon and vinagrette and wait until the last minute to add those.

Yes, the combo sounds so wierd – salty feta, sweet watermelon and spicy arugula, but trust me – it is DELISH!


One comment

  1. mmm…sounds delicious! I think it would be a great dinner side for the Kamm’s. Wink, wink!

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