House Hunting

Over the past few months, my husband and I have been househunting – searching for the perfect Casa de Dean. 

Some aspects of househunting are fun.  Trying to invision what the place would look like with your touches – how you would decorate, the color palette you’d select. 

Other aspects can be frustrating.  Trying to estimate the costs to change something – i.e. a kitchen remodel or outside hardscape.  The low that comes with hearing that another offer was accepted. 

We know going in that we probably won’t find our “dream” home… I wouldn’t even know what I would build if I was making my dream home.  We are ok with things needing to be changed – an upgraded kitchen.

For us, we have some requirements for our next home and some wishes:

4+ bedrooms
3+ bathrooms
two car garage
Bonus room/play room
Lots of closet space
Lots of kitchen cabinets

Wishes – we’d love to have these things but they aren’t dealbreakers for us:
Hardwoods and updated fixtures
In a nice neighborhood with a community play area and/or pool
Extra space for an office
A nice flat yard

As we go through the up’s and down’s of this process, we just trust that God is pointing us in the right direction of our next home – and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Are you in the throws of househunting?  What’s on your “house wishlist”?


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