I love… Brooks

I love baby giggles – the “I can’t control myself when you pop out from behind that blanket, it’s just too funny!” laughs!
I love fresh out of the shower baby.  All cozy and on the verge of sleepiness, free of sour milk scent.
I laugh when you blow raspberries at the exact moment that I feed you that bite of food, becoming a mini-human sprinkler.
I love that you crack up as you “exercise” with that huge smile on your face.  I rarely have any sort of smile on my face when I exercise and I love that you do! 😉
I love seeing you wear some of my favorite baby boy outfits… the same ones that Landon wore are getting another use.  It’s so cute to look at pictures of my boys in the same outfits around the same age.
I love trying to straighten out your cowlick – you look like another baby with your “other” hairstyle!
I love when you sleep so peacefully with your arms in the “I surrender” position.
I laugh when you’re sitting up and playing with your toys, and then when you fall over and you’re hands can no longer reach your toy, you continue to play with it with your feet! 

I love my little Brooksie Doodle!


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