Kids Say the Darndest Things: Landon

As I’m in a tank top, lying in bed, propped against the bedframe with my arms over my head. 

“What’s that mommy?” asks Landon.
“My armpit,” I reply.

“No, what’s that?” he asks, moving in for a closer inspection…”right dere” he says pointing to a little hair stubble?

“That’s hair”
“Ouch” he says as he touches it.

Then he shows me his armpit.  “Is there hair under there?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he says smiling.

“No, there’s no hair under your armpit.”

“Maybe it’s growing.”

(If only you knew what’s to come!)


In the car, I was talking to Landon and he was pointing out the police cars and ambulance attending to a wreck and he was remembering the car colors and flashing light colors. 

“Wow, Landon,” I said, “I can’t believe you remember all that, you are one smart cookie!”

“Mmmm, okay – Cookie… my (I) want cookie”, he replies.

“Haha – no Landon, there’s no cookie, I said you were a smart cookie.”

Flashforward to the next day… I hand him a cookie for a treat – he looks at it and says “smart cookie!”


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