The Perfect Day

The Perfect Day:  In College
the earliest class at 10am – done by lunch – all my fav classess – marketing!
an afternoon at the beach
a cook out with friends
a fun party at night

The Perfect Day:  Working Girl
sleeping in until 10am on the weekend
meeting up with family or friend for lunch
shop, massage or mani/pedi – something fun just for me! a little splurge
date night – dinner where he willingly answers all my crazy – “what if” questions!
a sweet treat before bed

The Perfect Day – Motherhood
hubby gets up with the kids so you can sleep until 8:30 or 9am (LATE!) – it’s the weekend!
family breakfast
family time – pool, shopping, etc
easy naptimes where both go down easily and at the same time for at least 90 mins
no errands or chores on the schedule
an easy dinner – take out or quick fix
lots of tv-free, family time
back rubs from the hubs
mommy and boys showertime
a couple hours of solo time to read, chat with hubby, check out a magazine, watch a show, etc.
no kids waking up or coming in for a middle of the night visit!

What would you add?


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