Happy Halfbirthday Brooksie

In our house, we celebrate halfbirthday’s.  It’s something Dean’s family did growing up and I wanted to find ways to incorporate some of his traditions into our family and I love it.  We usually do cupcakes or some small celebratory treat. And then we do something fun or special – could be a trip to a fun park, or a little gift.  Just our way to memorialize (more than once a year) that we have special kids that we love to celebrate.

Since my kids both have winter birthdays, it will be nice to give them the option to do a big party for their halfbirthday instead of Jan or Mar events, so they can get their friends together and do something outside – and not be limited to a cold weather birthday celebration.

So tonight, we’ll do family time and fun dinner. And we have cupcakes for dessert.  I know Brooksie is a little bit young to enjoy halfbirthday celebrations, but his big brother has been practicing “Happy birthday dear Brooksie…” all weekend and helped pick out some fun cupcakes for his brother’s celebration, so we are excited to commemorate today’s milestone!

Anyone else out there celebrate their kids’ halfbirthdays!?

(6 month update and stats to come later this week after our well visit)


One comment

  1. Happy Half Birfday Brooksie. Papa loves you. You’ll be crawling around soon and I can’t wait to see you in the office.

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