6 Month Update: Brooks

My Little #2  (odd how it worked out that you are my #2 kid and your initials are BM… coincidence?)…

You are really showing your personality now.  You are so smiley and fun-loving.  You love when you get people’s attention, just a look from them and it makes you break out into the biggest smile.  This may be signs of a future flirt on our hands!!  You also are either super happy or super sad… not much middle ground from you. Luckily, the sad moments are usually short – although energy-packed on your end!!

SIZE:  At your 6 month check up, you were 17lb 14oz (so you’ve gained 10 lbs since birth) and 28″ long.  (60% weight and 95% height).  They said you are still lean, but staying on your growth curve.  You wear size 3 diapers, size 12 or 18 month sleepers (bc you are so long) and size 6 mo or 9 mo of everything else.  Haven’t put you in shoes in a while, but I’m guessing your 2’s would be a tough squeeze.

EATING:  You are into all kinds of foods now and as long as mom isn’t the one with the spoon you tend to “pound your meals” as dad says!  You really love peas, prunes and pears, but you eat pretty much anything.  You are eating a couple bowls of oatmeal each day and anywhere from 3-5 jars of baby food.  You’re a hungry guy.  During month 5 you decided you were done nursing (especially after mom had to take meds for a while so we had 10 days of no nursing and there wasnt much interest in going back).  You are solely doing BM bottles now and you do ok with them, but sometimes it’s harder to get you to drink enough during the day and we have to jam it all in in the evenings.  You do about 25-35 oz a day.

MOVING:  You are scooting places now, it’s funny that we put you on the floor and then a minute later you are across the living room near the couch.  We can’t leave you unattended on the bed anymore.  You love jumping in your jumperoo and sitting up grabbing your toys. You started sitting about a month ago, but we’ve noticed recently that you are starting to do a better job catching yourself if you start to tip over.  Still nowhere near consistent, but at least you are beginning to realize what to do.  I think you’ll be crawling in the next few months, you pull your legs up under you and try to scoot yourself along.

LOOKS You’ve still got bright blue eyes, although they have a little gray in the middle now.  Your hair is growing out and the cradle cap is about cleared up.  You have a pudgy round belly and chubby feet.  You loooooove to give kisses on the mouth.

TALKING You are starting to coo well – gagagaga, dadada…. testing out your little voice.  It really sounds sweet to hear you ‘practice’!

LOVES You love anything with water… Showers always calm you and you get one almost every night.  You also love being in the baby pool in the yard, your brother and cousin will splash around and you love it!  You love sleeping on your side or belly.  Your favorite position to be held is still seated against our chest, facing out.  You love to hold toys in your hand and bang them around.  You love being pushed in the stroller – even in the house.  You love your brother and if he does anything near you, you smile.  You love when I toss you up in the air and catch you. You love when we blow raspberries into your belly.  You love pulling hair.

You are such a smiley little kid and we are so happy to be parents to our little Brooks.  We know that you’ll continue to grow up to be a strong, fun, handsome little guy and we have no doubt that you are going to be a world-changer!

We love you Brooks!

Mommy and Daddy

pics of Brooks sitting up (at 5.5 mos)


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