One Day Soon…

One day soon, my baby boy will be taking his first crawling steps across our living room floor.
One day soon, I’ll come in to get my baby boy from his nap and be shocked to find him sitting up in his crib.
One day soon, he’ll be holding his own bottles and using those chubby little fingers to grasp tiny morsels of ‘big boy food’.

Yep, it’s all going to happen – one day soon. But not today! Today my pudgy little boy will squirm and lay in the crook of my arm while I hold his bottle. He’ll squeal and flail when I walk in to see him but he won’t be sitting. And when I lay him on my bed, he’ll roll and scoot all over, but today won’t be his first crawling steps.

Yes, the milestones continue to fly by – but today, today is not my ‘one day soon’.


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