More than once…

We went to visit my Great-grandma this weekend… and introduce her to Mr. Brooks.  She’s 102 years older then he is!  She lit up when my boys were visiting with her.  My grandma says she loves kids and perks right up when she sees them.  It was true!  (Later this week, I’ll try to post some of the pics of her and the kids… 5 generations were together in one room!)

Thing is – my great grandma lives in Atlanta… and I am not a big fan of car trips, especially with kids.  I always get nervous they are going to start screaming and never stop!  I have this slight stress that comes on when I get in the car and doesn’t let up until we get there (well, really it doesn’t let up until we pull back into our driveway bc I am always nervous they are going to break something, misplace soemthing, mess something up, etc). 

But… one thing I always notice on these road trips – is how much I enjoy this time with my husband.  It’s like we know we are trapped in a car with two kids and we know we have to make the best with what we have, so we just figure it out.  I don’t know what it is about traveling with our kids, but I do know that when I do, I’m constantly reminded of the reasons I chose to marry my husband. 

-The way he stays calm and levelheaded, even if we have a ‘mild meltdown’ in the back.
-His sense of humor and how often we can make each other laugh about snafus and other experiences on our roadtrips.
-His love of driving… I really never drive on road trips.  (Well, I actually never drive anytime we are both in the car together in town or not.)  My husband always does and I love that I don’t have to! (Although I do wish he would increase following distance and brake sooner!)
-The way he learns to love the quirkiness of my family.  Yes, we are quirky!
-His go-with-the-flow personality.  When, oftentimes, there are lots of opinions about what to do and when to do it, he is pretty laid back about our plans.

So, while I really loved seeing my boys spend time with their greatgrandparents and great-great grandma, more than once this weekend I was reminded that I have such a great partner in this crazy life.


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