There’s an app for that…

Anyone know why I have these off-centered, somewhat blurry pics?

As I’ve become accostomed to having a smartphone over the past few years, I still don’t download many apps.  Usually apps are added by my husband who “insists” that I “have to have” this app, or they are the preloaded ones that were already pre-set when I got my phone.

However, I’ve created my own phone app – the Sleep Checker…

Often in the car, I’ll ask Landon – “Landy Pants, is Brooksie awake or asleep?” 99% of the time the response is “AWAKE!”  However, when I use my handy little Sleep Checker (i.e. I hold my camera over the seat and snap a picture with the camera) many times, it turns out that the little guy is fast asleep.  Brooks really seems to love car rides… when he was unconsolable with his ear infection at a couple months old, to calm him I would often take him on thirty minute rides around town to settle him.

So now, when the Brother Checker isn’t doing the job, I can always use my own Sleep Checker to find out what’s going on in the backseat. 

Anyone else come up with creative uses for your phone?


One comment

  1. I do this same thing! Except mine is called Eidi Photo Sleep Checker…much higher quality then these- lol! 🙂

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