7 month update: Brooks

Mr Brooks – Happy 7 month birthday!  Over the past month we’ve really started to see your physical development blossom.  Here’s the run down on what you’ve been doing lately:

Food – You tend to be a little more picky – where you like to have several options for each meal.  Yes, you will eat full jars of a particular item, but usually you’ll eat several different half jars so you can vary your tastes.  You love green veggies (green beans, peas) and you’re getting into the more textured (chunkier) big baby foods.  You “chew” on them a little bit and it’s too cute.

We’ve also started using the mesh food holder and you have enjoyed that. We’ve done banana, watermelon and avocado in there.  You really like avocado – this is a new one for you.  We tried it about a month ago and it wasn’t a hit then, but now you are loving it.  You also enjoy mum mum baby crackers and are getting pretty coordinated when it comes to eating them. 

You are always smiling when you eat and little blobs run out of your mouth.  Also, when you get tired of eating you start blowing raspberries into your food so it splatters everywhere.  Not my favorite thing that you do, but it is cute! 🙂

Teeth – None so far.  But every time you have a crying fit where you are unconsolable, even when held, your daddy and I say – “I wonder if he’s finally getting a tooth.”  But, alas, nothing yet. 

Play – You are offically all over the place.  Now that you army crawl everywhere, we find you all over the place.  We’ll put you on one side of the room and if you see something you want across the way, you’ll army crawl over there.  You’ve also started getting yourself into a sitting position from laying down.  You’ve also been known to do a good “hurdler” stretch and the splits.  You really love that you can get all over the place and try out all different toys.

Sleep – You are all over the place when it comes to napping – no set schedule because the length of your naps varies so much.  You are great at night – which daddy says is the most important. When I am frustrated that you only took a 45 min nap, daddy will say – “wouldn’t you rather he sleep through the night regularly than take long naps, if you have to pick one or the other, wouldn’t you prefer he sleep when we do?”  And he’s right.  I do love, love, love that you are such a good night sleeper (with the exception of the times you are sick or go through the growth spurts and will have a couple days in a row that you get up starving in the middle of the night).  You mostly nap 3 times a day during the week and they are anywhere from 30 mins to two hours.  You sleep about 11 hrs straight at night and we dropped the dream feed a couple weeks before your 7 month milestone.  You transitioned great and haven’t been waking up at all, so I guess you are keeping enough in your belly.

Loves – You love showers and anything with water.  We started you and Landon taking baths together on occassion, because you both love them so much and you do great.  Occassionally you will spill over, so we keep a close eye, but for the most part you just sit in there and splash around, grabbing all the different toys.  You love sing songy voices and especially when I make up songs for you… you love “Oh Mona” and I sing it with different words to include Oh Landon and Oh Brooksie.  You love to laugh and giggle and so many things make you laugh, but especially being tickled.  Your belly, your inner thighs, your neck – all good tickle spots.  You are very ‘chatty’ with lots of ga-ga, guh-guh, ba-ba in your own sweet sing-song babble.

Names – You are overwhelmingly referred to as Brooksie.  Sometimes its BrooksieDoodle, Brooksers or Brooks Matthew.  But mostly, Brooksie.  (Or as your brother says “Bookie”).

Routine – It changes so much from the weekdays to the weekends (because we run errands and are on the go), but generally here is a day in your life:
7:30a – wake up – usually happy, unless you have a leg stuck in the crib bars or something!
8:30 – drink bottle 6 oz – eat oatmeal and fruit
Play – on the floor, in exercauser, in walker, outside, etc.
9:30 – naptime
10:30 – playtime, bottle
11:30 – lunch – more baby food!
12 – naptime
play – bottle as needed
3:00 – snack
3:30/4 – naptime
5:30 – go home
play (cry! – this is usually the fussy time)
6:15 dinner
7 showertime
8 bedtime (you are getting better about not always crying if we put you down in the crib and leave you – there are still times where you’ll cry for 10 mins and then we will get you, feed you a little bottle and you are out within 5 mins, but lately, you’ve started going down without too much of a fight and it’s a nice transition!)

Size:  You are wearing size 3 diapers, 6-9 mo clothes and 12 or 18 month rompers (because your legs are too long).  Not sure on shoes – we haven’t worn any recently but I would guess a size 3??

Things I am so excited for:  Your first crawl (with arms locked straight and on your knees) it’s gonna be anytime now!  Giving you bits of soft foods that you can feed yourself with.  You love grabbing at things and it will be great to do “family dinner” where we can all eat together.  Getting you your own room in our next house.  I think you will love having your own room to sleep in (even though you and Landon do pretty great together right now).  And this will mean more space for your clothes because you are going to be getting into the “stay the same size for several months” size very soon, which means lots of hand me down clothing options!  You holding your own bottle.  You’ve done it a couple times for just a few seconds and it’ so cute!

Mr. Blue Eyes, you are the sweetest thing and I love how smiley you are.  Anything and everything puts a huge grin across your face and I love that about you.  I love your joy when you are held by your mommy or daddy.  I love the way you are so entranced by your brother and everything he does.  I love that car rides often can calm you.  I love that you enjoy the outdoors.  I love that you have just the right amount of pudge.  I love your cute naked booty when you roll all over the place during diaper change time.  I love watching you grow and change.

I love you!

Mom-mom-mom-mom-mom (yes, we’re working on Mama next, right?!)


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