The commercials are true

You know the Febreeze commercials?  The ones where someone walks blindfolded into a completely disgusting room and claims it smells of “lilacs… clean laundry… beautiful things.”  And you think, no way, how could they not smell the rotten food/smelly laundry/grime that surrounds them.

Well, I am claiming that those commercials are true.  Landon is my proof.

The other day, after proceeding to empty about a third of a bottle of lotion on the floor/crib/walls/dresser/window/curtain/etc of his bedroom during ‘naptime’, I told him that he was not to play with mommy’s big bottles anymore.  That instruction wore off about 18 hours later when I went in to Landon’s room to see if he was still sleeping… shocked that he hadn’t yet made his way into my room or downstairs.  (He’s almost always up by 7am, so this was uncommon for him to still be sleeping).

I went in to get him and – BAM – I was overcome with the pungent smell of lavender, but as I scanned the room, Landon was nowhere to be found.  Checked the closet. Nope, not there either.  I finally see the curtain sway and pull it back to see my ‘lovely’ two-year old spraying Febreeze onto the window – a constant steady stream hitting the glass and piling onto the already soaked (about 1/4′ deep) windowsill.  I was furious.  I grabbed the bottle from him – the bottle I had used less than five times before – and it was weightless… only a few drops remained. 

As he went to timeout, I proceeded to soak up the Febreeze-laden window sill.  Soaked through a handtowel.  Both Landon and Mommy learned a new lesson that day – Landon learned that touching Mommy’s bottles will get you spankings and time out. And Mommy learned that even though it is ‘out of reach’ this little boy is inventive in the ways that he can reach things and we’ll need to find a new spot for her cleaning supplies.

And yes, the commercials are true – it’s days later and when I walk in that room I am almost gagged by the pungent aroma that remains.  So strong that I cannot smell poopy diapers in that room.  Even if I was blindfolded and they were held to my face!


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