The ‘Little Boys’ Day

Thursdays are Baby Boys Day!  With both Harleigh and Landon at school, Lawson and Brooks get to enjoy some ‘quieter’ baby time together.  They lay on the ground and roll around, ‘fight over toys’, take nice long uninterrupted naps and generally enjoy the extra attention they get on Thursdays!

Usually Thursdays are when Brooks will get his longest naps of the week.  It’s just an overall fun time for these guys as they are just now at 6 and 7 months starting to really enjoy each other.  Knowing how things were with Harleigh and Landon (and their close age), it only gets more fun from here as they will start to engage each other even more often.  I remember with the older ones – at 1 year old they were so into each other all the time – it was really fun!  More fun playdates are in the future for these guys!

Getting some Zzz’s / Sharing our toys like good boys



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