Loving School

Landon has really begun to love school.  The first month was iffy – he would cry when packing up to leave the house.  He didn’t want to go in… but once inside, he easily found his friends and enjoyed playing with them.  Then he started getting into his groove. 

Now, he knows on Monday and Wednesday nights that school is the next day… “we’ll say, what is tomorrow Landon?” and he happily responds – “SCHOOL DAY!”
He sings lots of new songs and tells me about his school friends and teachers and things that they say or do.

He also absolutely loves the football backpack that Gigi bought for him as a special treat.  He asks to wear it around all the time.  And hands me things to “put in backpack”.

He asked to put it on last week, so I took a few shots of him with his prized backpack.


Yes, this is the ‘modeling goodness’ that I got when I asked him to show me his backpack… is he putting out the vibe or what?!  I think I have a Future Zoolander on my hands!


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