Style Profile: Landon – 2 yrs

I’m not what you would call a fashionable person. I wear shorts and tshirts about 95% of the time. I don’t think twice about it – comfort and practical – that’s my motto.

I think that I have a similar sense when it comes to my kids. Yes, for photoshoots or big events, I’ll take some time to plan an outfit, but for the most part, I just grab whatever is clean and doesn’t clash too much!  I think this is part of the reason God gave me boys – he didn’t want me ruining my daughters self’image at such a young age with my non-attention to girly details like ruffles, bows and other accessories! 🙂

However, I will say, that I think Landon’s eclectic style is adorable. I consider it “preppy-skater dude”.

But, he’s not limited to just one look, he can be found in a wide array of outfits/styles:

Which of his looks is your favorite?



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