Funny Stuff

The other day, I am cooking dinner in the kitchen when Landon and Daddy come home.  Landon runs past me without so much as a “hey mom” and heads upstairs. 

(I figure he’s going up to get his blankie and paci, which he likes to do when he’s been at school all day.  It’s comforting for him to come home and snuggle with his favorite things.  However, we want to start cutting paci out, so we’re trying to limit how much time Landon gets with paci.)

I told Dean to follow Landon upstairs and make sure he wasn’t getting some paci love.

A couple minutes later, Dean came downstairs with a smile on his face and proclaimed – “Well, he wasn’t getting paci up there…”

Landon had gone upstairs and ran into the master bedroom closet (basically as far away from the kitchen as you can possibly get).

When Dean went up there, he found that Landon had closed himself into the closet (and we all know that a quiet toddler in a private room = bad news), so Dean knocked on the closet door and asked Landon what he was doing. 

Landon cracks the door an inch, puts his face towards the opening and whispers, “I’m pooping,” and immediately slams the door closed.


Dean, laughing, cracks the door and says, “Bubba, do you need some privacy?”

“Yes,” he replied, pushing the door closed again.

So Dean left him to do his business in privacy. 

Man, that kid is funny! I can’t wait until Brooks is a little older and I have two kiddo’s cracking me up on a regular basis.


Since this post is about the humor in bodily functions, let me share one more thing.  I came across this blog post in the last week and it cracked me up.  I couldn’t contain my laughter as I read her “fart story”, so I figured I’d post a link and see if anyone else thought this was as funny as I did.  Click here to read it!


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