The Year of the…

You probably have seen them in Chinese restaurants before… The Year of the _____ placemats. (fill in the blank with Dragon, Dog, Rat, etc.)

Well, I think I’m starting my own “Year of the…” calendar. 

This year is the Year of the Cupcake.  Yes, cupcakeries are popping up in my city left and right.  And I’m in on the craze! I know which one offers the moistest cake, the craziest flavors, the most icing, etc.  I know which ones offer $2 Tuesday cupcakes (a steal!) 😉  and which have events for kids.  I am following the cupcake rage!  My favorites are definitely the chocolate cake with vanilla icing or any peanut butter/chocolate concoction!

Two years ago (right after I had Landon) was the Year of the Fro Yo.  I regularly frequented all of the shops and knew which ones carried my favorite flavors and toppings…which had the freshest fruit topping and the creamest product.  I was a Fro-yo-holic! 

I can’t wait to discover my favorite food fad of 2013… no doubt, something delicious! 🙂


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