Sundays are for Brainwashing

This is what our Sunday’s look like:

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My husband likes to spend time brainwashing our children into liking football teams donning black and purple jerseys.  Purple, I tell you.  He’s nuts!  Yes, he takes them out in public like that!!  Matching jerseys!  And dad puts his jersey on for gametime to match the kiddo’s.

Of course, during the rest of the week I am singing Steelers chants and “Go Big Ben” cheers to offset his Sunday brainwashing.  It’s working – Landon will often randomly shout Go Steelers around the house and out in public, if we see a Steelers logo within a 200 yard radius, you can guarantee he’ll point it out much to his daddy’s dismay.

Yep, in our house, Sunday’s are for brainwashing.


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