A Weekend Recap

What a fun (jam packed and filled-to-the-brim) weekend! 

Dean’s mom was in town so we got in some Grammy time – which the kids loved – especially Landon.  He asked this morning, “Where’s Grammy?!”

We hit up the Lazy 5 Ranch for the first time and definitely a great kids experience. Would recommend the wagon ride through the park.  We really enjoyed ourselves and the kids did great.  Landon didn’t love feeding the animals out of his hands, but he liked throwing it in their mouths.  We got some great pics.

I had a reunion with my old company and there was a great turnout with all of my favorite people.  It was so fun to catch up and relive the memories of working together!

Dean and I went car shopping… we are on the hunt for our next vehicle and we are looking for a smaller SUV – something to haul the kids and all their accumulating ‘things’ – strollers, sports gear, etc.  We like the Hyundai Veracruz… anyone out there own a small 7 passenger SUV that they would recommend? or not recommend?  I think we’ll have something new by the end of the year to replace Dean’s 10 year old sedan.

We heard an awesome message at church on Sunday. One of the best message I’ve heard Pastor Furtick preach.  I am loving this current series – and this one was called – Upon Further Review, if you wanna check it out. 

And on the way home from church, Dean and I were chatting up front and then both said… “hmm, it smells like ketchup in here” and we turned around to find this:

The joys of boys!



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