The other day after work, Dean and I were chatting about things we needed to do, our days, etc as I worked on getting dinner ready in the kitchen.  We had the boys in the living room right by us (we have an open floorplan, so they were close by).  As we continue our conversation, we hear an easily-recognized “squeak, squeak” that sounds like it’s coming from the ceiling.  We both look at each other and run towards the stairs where we find:

Yep, our little baby, who was so content to crawl on the floor and across the living room and dining room, was interested in checking out the upstairs (on his own).  Neither of us had seen him doing anything above climbing onto the landing at the foot of the stairs or pulling up on the first step, but that was it.

Needless to stay, we were shocked!


And as he’s become even more mobile, he is constantly getting into things everywhere!!

The other day, Kristine put up a barrier because he kept getting into Aunt Heidi’s plant, but no, the investigator wouldn’t let a little barricade stop him. He was on a mission to rip some leaves!!


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