Clean Teeth

Landon went to his first dentist visit recently.  He did such a great job.  When I made the appointment, the lady told me – “don’t be concerned, usually for the first visits the dentist just looks at the teeth, counts them, etc.  They don’t do cleaning or x-rays in most instances.”  I told her that I thought we’d be ok, Landon usually isn’t too scared or shy around dr appointments or anything medical.

We went, he conquered.  

The dental hygenist said over and over that she was shocked how easy he was and how much he let her do, so she just kept doing stuff, after “looking at his teeth”, they went ahead and cleaned them, did flouride treatment, even did some x-rays to confirm he is missing some teeth (thank you Micheals gene!!), and the dentist did a full review and poked and prodded in there.  The whole time, he just chilled, watched some of Mickey on the ceiling tv, checked out the hygentists “glopes” (gloves) and all around enjoyed the visit. 

I know that won’t likely be daiseys and butterflies on these dentist visits to come, but I was glad that it went so well. I have to give huge props to Ballantyne Peds Dentistry because they were really awesome. Especially his hygenist who “talked him through” each step and made him feel comfortable.



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