After another expensive diaper trip to the store last weekend, Dean and I decided we would finally make a conscious effort to start getting Landon into undies sooner rather than later.  He is 2.5 now and figured it was a good time as any to start and hopefully by Christmas, he does his days well and then only needs diapers for night time and naps (and maybe not even naps- he still takes 2-3 hour naps daily, so that may be asking a lot to hold it that long!)  Operation potty train has commenced.

We decided to push for Landon to try out some undies and make him go on the potty to see how he’d do with it.  He’s always kinda fought the idea, and while we’ve let him go here and there, we didn’t really do anything consistently.  (Partially my problem because I didn’t want to deal with the extra work of potty training when Brooksie needed so much hands-on attention.)

This weekend we went for it.  On Saturday we did 4 hours of no undies, no diaper, just t-shirt all morning and just asked regularly if he wanted to go potty.  He did well with it.  Then when we had stuff to do out of the house, we did a diaper the rest of the day.

On Sunday, we let him wear undies in the morning and asked regularly to take potty breaks.  He’d occassionally get upset that he had to go sit on potty so much, but we didn’t know how often he’d go, since we couldnt track how often he’d go in his diaper.  He started telling us when he needed to go, which was great progress.  We even went out for about 3 hours running errands at several stores and went potty in the Target bathroom.  And while we were out, we even bought a special “Potty” book for him to read. 

Going into the weekend, my expectations weren’t high since we’d not focused on it, but he really did great.  He only had one accident – right after he woke up from naptime, I took his diaper off but I probably should have let him have it on for about 30 mins afterwards, he was still in ‘sleepy mode’ and needed that extra time to focus on going on the potty.

Landon was so excited on Sunday night about his undies that he did NOT want to put a diaper back on for bedtime.  So as a compromise, we let him pick out undies and laid them out on the dresser for in the morning.  Don’t you know that the second we walked into his room to get dressed, he was talking up his basketball undies.  🙂  I love his enthusiasm for wearing underwear, so we’re going to run with the excitement while we have it.  🙂 

Who knows, this could be the start of something great!!

P.S. Sorry these are blurry – couldn’t get him to stop dancing in his undies.



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