Regression  re·gres·sion/riˈgreSHən/ (noun)
The act of moving backwards.
A return to a less developed state

Your two-year old was all gung ho about potty training a not even a week ago. Now, all attempts to put big boy undies on, you’d think a bomb was being strapped to his waist.

Your eight month old – who normally sleeps soundly for 11 hours straight – has decided that every night this week he’d like to enjoy “4th meal” at around 4am.  Growth spurt?

Regression.  Loving it.


One comment

  1. I’ll take “Regression” any day over what is “routine” at our house as far as sleep. With the potty training, just keep with it, he’ll get on board. We had to try a few different tactics to keep potty training “fun and new” at our house!
    I’m open to a trade- I’ll take Landy and do the potty training bootcamp, and you take Lawsy for nighttime bootcamp. No sense in both of us being awake all night.

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