Kids Say…

In the car this weekend…

Landon: “Mom, I want to listen to Monkey song (a kids CD he likes).”
Mom:  “Sorry baby, we don’t have the monkey song in right now.”
I proceed to turn the radio from Top 40 music to a Christian station.  A song about Jesus starts blasting…
Landon:  “It’s ok.  I love Jesus.”


Getting Landon out of his carseat, I hit my elbow on the door and my arm is throbbing.

Mom:  “Aggghhh – ouch!”  As I walk away from the car, biting my tongue.
Landon:  “You got a boo-boo mom?  Here let me kiss it so it’s all better.”
He proceeds to grab my arm and kiss my elbow. 
Landon:  “See mom, all better.”  (Yep, can’t feel the throbbing tingle anymore once I get a kiss!)

Landon devours his first ever pudding cup.
Landon: “Mom, I want more pudding.”
Mom: “No more pudding, Bubba.  You just ate it all.”
L:  “It’s ok, you can go to the store.”

Hmm – ok, let me get right on that for you buddy.  Haha! Whenever I say we don’t have anything, he tells me “it’s ok, mom, just go to the store.”

It’s so funny how little minds work.


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