Big Boy Things – 9 mos.

My little baby is not really baby anymore… I mean, he’s still little – relatively little 😉 – but he’s not that baby blob anymore.  He’s graduated – to big boy things. 

He holds his own bottle.  (When he wants to.  This is not at bedtime when he is just too exhausted and the only thing those arms want to do is lay sprawled in the “I surrender – to sleep” position.)
He climbs stairs.
He sits in the highchair at restaurants.
He gets into kitchen cabinets.
He loves the game of drop… where he drops anything and everything on the floor, and then we get to pick it up.
He bathes like a big boy – he catches himself when he starts to topple over – keeping his head above water on his own.
He pulls himself to a standing position all the time, he always likes to be climbing up/on things – activity tables, toy boxes, couches, chairs, people, toilets (yes, yuck, we have to watch out for that one!).
He feeds himself. 

Yes, my “baby” is now doing “big boy” things.  Time is flying by with a quickness and I know that soon enough he’ll be running circles around me.

Happy Nine Months my little boy! 
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