I like it (surprisingly)…

Ever find there are some things you like that you didn’t expect to like?

Sonicare Toothbrush – The thought of having a dentist-like buzz in my mouth twice a day, everyday, didn’t seem like a good idea, but I bit the bullet and I like it – teeth feel clean. 
Pumpkin Spice Almonds – I dont like pumpkin pie flavor, I don’t really like almond (definitely not one of my top 5 favorite nuts) – but the taste combo is surpisingly good.
Salted Caramel flavor – I am not a huge caramel lover so I didn’t expect much.  Turns out I like it and have had several varations including cupcakes and candy.
Bluetooth – I didn’t want to have my phone calls blasting through my car, but recently I had Dean hook it up in my car and the kiddos love to talk to Daddy on the way home.
Sweet Potato Noodles – When my parents went to China this summer, they brought back several Chinese recipes to try out on us. One dish had something called sweet potato noodles which is almost like a different version of a rice noodle.  A really thick, clear, sturdy noodle that absorbs a lot of the flavor it’s cooked in.  They are delicious!
Rainex – I thought it would be another gimmicky car thing my husband was suckered into buying (he really likes car cleaning things), but it really does make a different when my windshield is wet.  I love how clear it is.
Saturday Night Church – I thought I would feel like it wasn’t the right time for church and I wouldn’t be able to get into the right mindset, but turns out we love Sat night service.  It works out great for our family and our routine and since the arrival of Brooks’ it also fits much better than Sundays for kids naptimes.

What things were you hesitant to try, but it turned out you really liked it when you did?


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