Giving Choices

As part of my parenting technique, I like to give choices to my kids. So instead of “Landon, what do you want for lunch?” and getting responses like “ice cream” or “candy”, I like to control where the choices are going while letting him choose.  Or I ask “Which underwear do you want to wear today?” – so it’s not a matter of choosing to wear underwear or not (some days he would pick to wear a diaper), but he still gets to pick.

Landon and I went out for some one-on-one shopping time recently.  We were looking for some new sneakers for him.

I found two pairs for him to try and I put one on each foot to compare.  I asked Landon, “Which one do you like – blue or gray?” (Again, giving the choice.)

However, he threw me for a loop with his response.

“I like this one!”

Wow, wouldn’t daddy LOVE if we came home with these sparkly, pink things?!


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