Fall Clothes

With the chilly weather approaching, we’ve started pulling out the warmer clothes and packing away some of the summer things.  It’s hard during this flux season because I have short sleeve and long sleeves plus shorts and pants out for both boys, which makes for one jam-packed closet!  Not to mention Brooks is kinda in-between sizes so we have tons of boxes of clothes piled up in their room.

Plus, I’ve had to get into shopping mode lately – getting new shoes for Landon (now he’s in a size 9 or 10!) plus all his pants from last year are capri’s. I have tall boys with skinny waists, so we just bought Landon his first belt – he needs 3T length but 24 month waist.  (I’m shocked they don’t sell toddler clothes the way they do for adults with Petite and Tall versions. Multi-million idea, I think so?!)

Since I’ve been hitting the racks lately, I will say there are several trends I love for boys clothes. I love the henley/waffle t-shirts.  I love the layered shirt look (a built-in tshirt over long sleeve).  I love baby bootcut jeans.  I love the skater shoe.  I love a preppy collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  I love vests. I love a good hat (unfortunately my kids DON’T love hats).

What about you?  When you are shopping for your kids, what drives you crazy? What trends do you love?

Also, random stat of the week:  Brooks is exactly 20 lbs (55%) and 29.5″ (88%) at 9 mos old.


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