The Bakers

Since Landon and Brooks don’t get to see their Maryland family nearly as much as they see their Charlotte family, we recently decided to put together care packages for Grammy, Grandpop/Debbie and cousin Brody/Aunt J/Uncle R.  We set about cooking up a variety of treats in the kitchen.  Pull apart and bake cookies – which Landon loved “sampling” the loose chocolate chips that would fall off the top.  Every time we put a cookie on the sheet to bake he’d say “I wanna taste that one.”  We also made a big box of brownies… my personal favorite!

Then I took a picture of the kids baking (don’t worry, I used a decoy bowl) so I could get them printed for the care package.

I think this turned out to be a sweet idea for the grandparents to know we think about them, even though we don’t see them often.  The bakers even autographed their picture!

How awesome is Brooksie’s face in this pic?

And Landon was excited to help load the packages and get them to the post office:

A great activity to do on a weekend and the picture of them ‘in action’ makes the package perfect!


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