Top 5: Moments in a day

There are lots of places I like to be and lots of things I like to do – family walks/trips to the park, having me-time at a salon, getting a footrub on the couch.  Today I bring you my top 5 – favorite moments – places I love to be, scenarios I try to guard as much as possible – moments I don’t like to miss.  These are my favorite moments of the day/week.

5. First thing in the morning on the weekends, when the kids sleep in until at least 8am then we all pile into Mom and Dad’s bed together. Team Dean – rolling around, laughing, playing, cuddling.

4. Laying in bed with Landon at night, reading a book, having our nighttime routine – prayers, kisses, lots of “I love you”s, backrubs for mom and Landon.

3. When Brooks falls asleep next to me (which is a rare occasion nowadays)and lays in the crook of my neck, heavy breathing, cuddled tight to me.

2. Riding shotgun next to the hubs, kids sleeping in the carseats in the back, on a road trip somewhere fun as a family.

1. Laying in bed with my husband at night when we are both still awake, no tv or magazines distracting us and we just chat – we laugh, we talk about life, we make plans, we laugh more.


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