Pediatric Questionnaire Training

Anyone else out there dumbfounded at some of the things they ask on the questionnaires during your kids 3/6/9mo well-visits?  I don’t know about you, but many of these tasks we don’t do on a regular (i.e. AT ALL) basis.

“When given an empty soda bottle with a cheerio in the bottle of it, does your child get the cheerio out?”

“If your child is given a toy with their left hand and you move it to their right hand, will they move it to their left hand again?”

“If you take a toy from your child and hide it under a box will they a) look under the box  b) forget about the toy c) stand on the box with the toy underneath d) take the box, walk it down the driveway and put it in the recycle bin” 

Ok – they didn’t ask me the last one, but they might as well!

 You can usually find me in the pediatricians waiting room testing my kid on the spot so I can fill out my sheet!

Anyone else feel like an incompetent parent because you haven’t done a third of the test question activities with your kid?


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