I’m Good

Isn’t it funny (and occassionally humbling) to see your children act like you/talk like you/become mini versions of you?

At Landon’s age, he really has gotten so verbal and good at communicating things he wants (or doesn’t want).  And lately, he’s sounding more and more like my little parrot.

“Landon, do you wanna eat dinner?”
“I’m good.”

“Landon, do you wanna go get your clothes on?”
“I’m good.”

“Bubba, do you want your milk?”
“No thanks, I’m good.”

And he doesn’t say it in a rude or backtalking way.  Just keeps doing what he’s doing and notes that “he’s good” for the time being. 

The first time he said it, Dean and I did a double take – wondering where he learned that.  

I found out a few days later when we were eating lunch and he offered me a bite of his half smushed eaten sandwich.  “I’m good” I replied, turning it away.


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