It’s Fall

Fall means…

…time to break out the boxes of hot tea and apple cider
…start purusing food magazines for recipes that I want to try during the holiday season
…it’s the best time of the year to take an afternoon run – crisp air, cool weather – perfect!
…the craziness of so many holidays is about to start – time to start Christmas shopping
…the weekends on the calendar are already filled – with trips/vacations, parties, activities and more
…the jeans and sweaters start making an appearanceĀ (missed after last year when I only wore maternity pants)
…we make more weekend coffee stops for my husband
…the kids start wearing “glopes” (as Landon calls them) on their hands in the chilly mornings
…time to get out the down comforter to keep me toasty on the cool mornings
…open windows and screen porches
…dark rides home from work at night
…the smell of the falling leaves – I love that smell, it reminds me of my favorite time of year
…and the smell of my husbands candles – yes, he loves candles and insists on lighting them each evening at the house – ha!


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