People “Drive” Me Crazy

After a few particularly annoying drives this week, I bring you, driving habits I can’t stand:

1. Drivers who, when making a left turn, cross back into the main traffic lane – like  they need to pull out wide to swing a left turn!

2. Those who pull out right in front of you so you have to slam on brakes… there is no traffic on the road, no one is coming behind me.  Really?!!?  You waited all that time and didn’t go but now that I’m getting close, you figure it’s “your window”.

3. People who pull out right in front of you knowing that they are cutting it close and then they stay in your lane instead of going into the left lane where it’s wide open.  If you’re going to cutme off, at least get in the other open lane.

4. Drivers who don’t pay attention – especially during the short lights – and don’t go until the last possible minute – so they are the only car that makes it through the light.

5. People who get out of the correct lane to drive down the “lane that is ending/merging” to try to pass all the traffic backed up in the correct “going straight” lane so they can cut off 30 cars of traffic.  Really, what do you think the rest of us are doing – we don’t have places to go… RUUUUDE!

6. And the worst of the worst – those who drive UNDER the speed limit.  Get off the phone!!!


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