Turkey Day is Coming

We’re in my favorite time of the year and I am so excited about the upcoming holidays – especially Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Luckily Brooks is old enough to enjoy most of the Thanksgiving fare on his first Turkey Day – mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn casserole, rolls… all the good stuff.

In looking at my magazines for delicious recipes to try out this year, I’m getting excited about the upcoming holiday!

Today I’m sharing my top 3 Thanksgiving foods and my top 3 Thanksgiving traditions:

1. Mashed Potatoes – especially flavored with blue cheese, garlic, butter or cheddar
2. Drunken Pomegranates and Whipping Cream – my mom started this recipe a long time ago and we have it every year – pomegranate seeds soaked in grand marnier and basil with fresh whipped cream.  So delicious!
3. Mac N Cheese – I love all the Turkey Day carbs – and while for our family, this isn’t a traditional side dish, I love it and have started including it in my repertoire!

While this isn’t really Thanksgiving-eque – I am adding one more –
Corn Dip – We often eat delicious appetizers while prepping the meal and this one is my favorite – corn, cheese, jalapenos, corn chips – so good!

1. Eating the big meal at lunchtime – and then having turkey sandwiches with leftovers for dinner.  I know some people prefer to have their big meal later in the day, but we always do ours at lunchtime.
2. Being thankful – I love when we all say a few things we are thankful for before the prayer – whether we pick a person to talk about specifically or just give a general response, it’s something I’ve done since childhood.
3. Family Walk – We always take an afternoon walk to enjoy the fresh air and get moving after the huge meal. I love this time out as a family and enjoying the day! 

Bonus One:  Not prepping for Black Friday – While many others love to spend Thanskgiving planning out their ‘course of action’ for hitting the 3am sales – I have never hit the stores for Black Friday and dont have plans to anytime soon! 🙂


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