Earlier this month, Brooks broke his first teeth.  Just a week before the 10 month mark!  There were a couple days of sadness and pain, but he pushed through and now has two huge chompers to enjoy!  And yes, they are CHOMPERS – big ones. 

I always feel there are two kinds of baby teeth – the little ones and the big ones.

Little ones look good on babies – tiny, dainty little things, but as they get to the 4- or 5-year old mark, they look so tiny in their mouth.

Big ones look good on the little kids.  They overtake their mouth as babies – you wonder how they fit in that tiny mouth.  But they grow into them and by 4-  and 5- years old, they actually are a good sized tooth.

I can say with certainty that Brooks has big ones!  Man those puppies are big… and they grew in quick, one day they were a white speck and now two weeks later they are half grown in!

Two down and only about 12 more to go*!

*Gotta do “a range” in my family – since missing teeth is a common genetic flaw passed through our DNA!


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