Holiday To-Do’s

This year is Brooks’ first Christmas and the first year Landon is into some of the more commercial aspects of Christmas.  Since Dean and I both love the holiday season, we have several things on our to-do list this year to hopefully implement some traditions for the future.

Here are some of the things I am most excited about sharing with my boys:

1. Driving around to see lots of Christmas lights.  Maybe even a trip to McAdenville.  I haven’t done this in several years but McAdenville is a nearby town that lights itself up for the month of December.  Since the town is full of Duke Energy employees, I believe they get discounted or free electricity in December, so they all go crazy with the lights. (Or at least, I think that’s the story).  Anyway, the town is awesome and for people in the Charlotte area, a great holiday tradition for many families.

2. Making hot cocoa and cookies with Landon.  Landon is my little baking assistant. He loves pouring in the measured cups of ingredients and he requests “tastes” like no other.  I swear that each time I drop a cookie onto the baking sheet, he takes a taste – that’s a LOT of tastes!!

3.  Decorating as a family.  Dean loves getting the tree up early and I can’t wait to see Brooksie’s face when the lights are lit and the ornaments are dangling… I remember the look of awe Landon had the first time he saw our Christmas tree.

4.  Our trip to Maryland.  We’ll be making our annual trek to Baltimore to see Dean’s family.  Last year since I was due on Jan 6, we went up early – in October, so I wouldn’t be as big and uncomfortable traveling, so we kinda missed out on the holiday cheer up there since it was so early.  I know Landon and Brooks love visiting their relatives and spending time with the Dean side.

5.  Visits from the Elf on the Shelf.  This will be the first year that Mr. Elf will be making an appearance in our house and I can’t wait to see what Landon thinks of him.  Hopefully Mr. Elf can help Landon keep up his good behavior!

6. Church.  Landon loves going to our church.  (Brooks doesn’t really have an opinion yet!) And I love that he loves going every week. I can’t wait to head to church for Christmas service and enjoy worshipping together. 

7. Downtime.  While we sometimes get so caught up in the activities and busyness of the season, I want to make sure we carve out plenty of time to sing Christmas songs, talk about Jesus and enjoy time with just the four of us.


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