A Beachy Thanksgiving

I realize that I am verrrrry behind on posting pics of my boys.  I still haven’t put up any Halloween pics and it’s a month later!  Hopefully I’ll get around to that this week…

For today, I leave you with a snapshot of my boys… we went to the beach with my side of the family for Thanksgiving and Grammy was able to join us!

It was LOUD with 5 kids two and under.

The anticipation was killing him… are we there yet?

And the view from the hot tub was “terrible” – we really suffered!

Of course, the fact that we also had 4 nice cameras onsite means there were about a million more pics taken of the fam.

Maybe after I get around to posting October pics, I can add those ones?! For now, I leave you with these camera phone pics of my kids enjoying Thanksgiving in Topsail.

(Funny that just 4 years ago Dean and I were getting married on this same beach – just .5 mile away from the house we stayed in. Crazy how life can change so much in just 4 years!)



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