A Two Year Old’s Christmas List

Over the past two weeks, Dean and I have been asking Landon what he wants for Christmas.

The first time we heard his response, we thought – funny list…
But, over the weeks, we’ve asked him at least five times and his response is the same every time:

Candy Canes and Cake!

Hmmm – where does he get this… I thought I was the only one who asked for sweet treats instead of “gifts” for Christmas!

And during bathtime this week, I asked again… this time he actually expanded his list…
“Baby, what would you like for Christmas?”
“Candy canes and cake… and strawberries… and salad… and cupcakes!”

What am I going to do with this kid?! 🙂


One comment

  1. I just love that Landon, he seem to be so honest, innocent and pretty fair. I’m thinking this kid is thinking the next time he gets into trouble…you got to remember he didn’t put you in time out when you misbehaved, ;). Pretty smart kid…he’s hoping if he
    go light on you….you will go light on him next time. But, you explained it best..,Jesus does love the little children; they are so forgiving and loving. When you talk about him, I find myself just SMILING! Please keep it coming!

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