Some days I am outgoing – cracking jokes and being loud.  Other days I am quiet – I retreat into myself.
Some days I wish I could snuggle at home with my boys all day long.  Other days, I am so thankful for my job – an opportunity to flex my brain muscles and provide for my family.
Some days I wish we had a simpler life and lived on a smaller budget.  Other days, I wonder what it would be like to hit the jackpot.
Some days I love our cozy and “stuffed” home.  Other days, I imagine how I would lay out my dream home with more kitchen cabinets and plenty of closet space.
Some days I am grateful, I know I have so much.  Other days, my attitude is “poor me” – my life is tough.
Some days I am a blur – getting things done left and right.  Other days, I don’t want to leave the living room, snuggled up with my boys enjoying our time together.


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