Mother of the Year: Grace – as taught by my 2 year old

Recently, after being up in the middle of the night to take care of his brother, Landon came in bed real early in the morning with me and then was rolling all over, hitting me in the face, etc.  As many know, I am not a morning person and after being up at 12 with Brooks, I was already exhausted.  After the third “punch” to the nose I snapped. 

“Landon, if you hit me one more time, you are going back into your room.  I am sick and tired of you rolling all over the place.  DO NOT TOUCH ME AGAIN.”  Yes, it was not a sweet and loving conversation.

So, he settled down and I laid there in bed, angry at myself for getting mad and still feeling a little sorry for myself for being awoken early. (And granted it wasnt that early, but still about 30 mins before my alarm was going to go off).

Eventually, Landon and I got up and dressed.  We did our usual morning routine.

As I was putting Landon’s socks on, I felt prompted to apologize for my temper earlier.

“Buddy, remember how mom got so mad this morning in bed when you were bumping into me and I yelled at you.”
“Well, that wasn’t very nice of mom to talk to you like that.  I shouldn’t have yelled at you and I am sorry.  Do you forgive me?”
He didn’t need time to think about it, his answer was immediate… “Yes.”
“Do you think mom needs punishment – maybe time out?”
“Nope. No punishment.”

And like that… the ultimate example of grace.  No desire for revenge or punishment.  Just complete grace.  My sin was forgiven.  By my sweet 2 year old boy.

It’s no wonder that Jesus loved the little children so much – they were the ones who were most like him.


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