A Christmas Letter – Your First Christmas

Dear Brooks,

My little boy… next week you will experience your first Christmas.  Already for weeks, we’ve been gearing up for this holiday event.  The family drives to see Christmas lights, the daily-lit Christmas tree, the mugs of hot cocoa your brother, daddy and I have enjoyed in front of you, the stockings on the mantle and the small pile of presents under the tree that you have already “inspected”.  I know that this year, you will love the boxes your presents come in more than the presents themselves and you probably will be disinterested in opening gifts after the first one is unwrapped.  And that’s ok.  I know there will be many years of excitement on your face when you run down the stairs with your brother to see what Santa has brought. 

But more than that, I hope that in the coming years you also learn the true meaning of Christmas.  Outside of the bright lights, delicious scents and fun activities, I want you to also know about Jesus and the true reason for this season.

I can’t wait for the joy on your face on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to share our Dean family traditions with you. And I can’t wait to enjoy the day with our little family of four.

It’s going to be a great first Christmas with you!

I love you baby boy!


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