Kids Say: Poop on the Potty

We have been trying (unsuccessfully, I’ll note) to get Landon to poop on the potty.  We’ve been trying for months!!  He’ll pee on the potty all day, but pooping is another story.

We try all kinds of things, sitting on potty for extended periods of time with a book or make a game out of sitting there, offering candy and treats, letting him go to the store (which he LOOOOVES to do) and other special treats. Basically anything and everything we can think of.  At this point, I’m willing to offer a car or a million dollars.  

He’s always up for the challenge (of sitting on the potty) at least to start with but he gets bored quickly:

Mom: Landon, let’s go poop on the potty. If you go, you can pick out a special treat – maybe M&Ms or Reese bells – whatever you want.
Landon: Yay! I wanna get M&Ms! (which he pronounces “L and M”)
Sits on the potty – we sit there and mom sits there with him. I let him have “privacy” if he wants it. We clap hands, we sing songs.
Landon: I’m gonna poop on the potty. I’m gonna get a treat!
We sit there for over 5 minutes.
Mom:  You can do it Landon! You can get your chocolate treat!
More sitting… another minute or two pass.
Landon:  Mom, I’m full, I don’t want a candy treat. I’m gonna get off the potty.

Yes, I can see how that one candy treat would completely fill you up and you wouldn’t be able to finish it! ha!

Oh this kid is funny.  Every day I laugh at how his mind works.

P.S. Don’t worry, 10 mins after this exchange, he hid in the dining room and pooped his pants! 🙂


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