It Feels Good

 It feels good to wake up a little tired in the morning – exhausted from a day before that was filled to the brim.  Lately, I’ve been trying to pack as much as possible into my days.  Making them count.

It feels good to spend time with my kids – running errands, playing games, cuddling together in bed.  They grow so quickly and I want to savor each moment, each quotable saying, each milestone – because I know in no time, they will become the norm and the cute quirks will quickly become fleeting memories.

It feels good to cross off the items on my to-do list. Especially the ones that have been around for a while (hello Goodwill run this month!).

It feels good to be sore in the morning.  Lately, I’ve been spending more time with Sean T and Tony Horton and it feels good to make them part of my regular routine. Hopefully this is more of a long-term thing and I can “stay on the wagon!”

It feels good to feel satisfied at work.  Towards the end of the year, work projects were monopolizing my brain space, especially afterhours and feels good not to check my email after 6.  I know it will be there in the morning!

It feels good to be focused on today.  I don’t want to have regrets down the road that I spent too much time focused on unimportant things but instead the people in my life feel like I’m the center of their world.  Too often I think about “when XYZ happens, I’ll do it.  But I’m not guaranteed tomorrow – only today, so I’m trying to do a better job taking hold of today and enjoying it for all it’s worth.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34


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