A Legacy Letter: Part 1

Whenever I travel and get away by myself or with my husband, I always have a twinge of nervousness.  What  if something happens to me/us when we travel?  Our kids are so little.  Have we had enough  time with them to leave a lasting impression on them or will they only remember the family members who raise them?  Even at age 3, I don’t know if Landon would remember much about us, and Brooks definitely wouldn’t.  I think about what I would want to instill in my kids and the legacy I want them to carry on for our family. 

Dear Sons – my sweet Landon and loving Brooks –

There are so many things that I want to teach you in life.  Values I want to instill in you.  Traits that I hope  become knit into your being.  Thoughts to tuck away in your heart.

First, know I love you.  Sooo much.  With a love that sometimes hurts.  Even at my most frustrated moments of parenting, you can do the littlest things to bring an instant smile to my face, you melt down my frustrations in a second.  I love the way you have both grown and developed your individual personalities. I love the way you love each other and can’t get enough of each other.  I love the way you are both mostly Momma’s boys.  Always wanting mommas love and encouragement, snuggles and kisses.

Secondly, I hope you love Jesus.  And I mean, love Him with all your heart. Memorize His words and keep him at the front of your mind.  Know that in this world, He is the only thing that is constant.  Others will come and go, they will ebb and flow – they will bring you up but will push you down.  Only Jesus has your best interests at heart 100% of the time.  I pray that you love him and make him an integral part of your life.

Third, I want you to grow to be gentlemen.  Treat those around you with love.  Treat ladies right… respect them, encourage them, uplift them.  Say sweet things and build others up.  Be the person that people want to be around. 

Fourth, work hard.  It is so important to put in a hard day’s work – ideally, doing something you love.  Whether it be driving a garbage truck, doing missions work or becoming the leader of a business, find what you love and work hard at it.  Don’t be the slacker that no one wants to work with because you pawn off all your work, be the person that gets it done and takes pride in putting out good work.

(to be continued tomorrow…)


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