A Legacy Letter: Part 2

Fifth, have fun in life.  All work and no play is boring.  Find things you love to do and get involved. Whether it be a hobby, sports, the arts.  Find something you love and integrate it into your life.  It always feels great to get out there and enjoy life – traveling, being active, trying new things.  Some of the best memories in my life are of playing on sports teams and traveling to great places. 

Give back to others.  There is nothing in this world that feels better than giving something to those in need, or supporting the dreams and goals of another person.  I have never felt better than when I’ve given to someone in need or a cause I believe in.  I love when my time and money is being used for a great purpose.

When you love, really love.  At some point in life you are going to meet your someone special and when you do and it’s the real thing, love with a no-holds-barred love.  Express your feelings often and freely.  Too often, men get caught up in being too mushy or lovey… trust me, the ladies love when they are encouraged, built up and recognized.  Hold hands in public.  Kiss regularly.  Be best friends.  Love the one you are with.

Challenge yourself.  Set goals for yourself. Even if you don’t write them down and they are just in your head and then work hard to meet and exceed your goals. 

Be unique.  Don’t be afraid to be the circle in a room of squares.  As my dad tried his hardest to make sure I had red cheeks often in my youth, I hope that you get embarrassed enough in your earlier years to gain the confidence to be your own person when you are challenged with peer pressure.  Yes, no matter what there will always be pressures to be the norm, but don’t be so caught up in life that you are afraid to be different.  The difference makers are always the world changers!

Boys, know that I want you to leave your own legacy on this world.  Be the people God planned for you to be.  Love when it’s hard. Forgive when it’s undeserved. And put your own stamp on this world.  Know that I love you always and forever, unconditionally.  That is a truth I want you to remember forever and engrain on your heart.

Love and snuggles and kisses,

your Mom


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