You are One!

Mr. Brooks,
Tomorrow you turn one. Crazy how 365 days have already passed – yes, you get an extra day in your first year of life because you were born at the beginning of a leap year (as evidenced by your favorite cousins birthday – Feb 29).

Some days I remember so much about you being little – your little peanut body that I held against my chest in the hospital. The tininess of your legs and the softness of your delicate skin. The exhaustion of the first few weeks at home until we got to know your routine and the “Brooksie” way of doing things. And within weeks you were our little super sleeper at night – something I still love and appreciate. The way you loved to nestle into my neck and your favorite place to nap in the first few weeks was right in the boppy pillow next to us.

Soon enough you were rolling all over the place, and even now it’s a struggle to get you to stay in one place while we are getting you dressed or changing a diaper. You want to roll over and get going – hey, you’re a big one-year old… you have places to go, people to walk to.

In your short life, you’ve been fortunate to have a brother there the entire way – he is your favorite person… he can make you laugh, he loves playing with you and including you and he’s your little hero – you always try to do things he’s doing – climbing onto stroller seats and getting into cabinets together. And he loves to protect you and help you do things… I hope your relationship remains this way for years to come.

It’s fun to see you develop your own personality and favorite things over the past few months… you love bathtime and showers, whole milk, hot dogs (and all kinds of meat), being pushed around in your stroller, being held by mom, getting into cabinets and pulling everything out.

You also have strong opinions the other way… you (in general) don’t love going down for bed or naptimes… usually you want back out to play and see what is going on, but within 5 minutes, you usually stop the fight and succumb to sleep! You don’t like being fed finger foods… like if you have cut fruit on your tray and daddy is feeding you applesauce – you will eat applesauce off the spoon, but if he scoops up a piece of fruit, you’ll spit it out and the hand feed it yourself. Maybe this means you are going to be a “strong willed – I do it my way” – kind of child.

I can’t believe how quickly you’ve learned things over the past year – by 4.5 months you were sitting up well, you were crawling around 7 months and you took your first steps around 10.5-11 months. It’s just flown by. Lately you are becoming a walk-first baby – Where you prefer to attempt walking before you crawl… you’ve been getting good stringing together trips across the living room and down the kitchen (8-12 steps at a time). Sometimes when you want to really go, you start walk/running because you know if you just get the momentum, you’ll get somewhere quickly, even if it ends in a sprawled dismount! You’ve also started to enjoy music and dancing/bopping when you hear a good beat (kids song) start playing.  Already there have been so many BIG firsts and little firsts – and I know that there are many more to come. 

I love the end of the day when you are all snuggled in your footy pajamas cuddled next to daddy on the bed and drinking your bottle. Too exhausted to do much and you just lay there, drinking your bottle, taking in the day and prepping for a great night of zzz’s. You are so sweet and innocent in these moments and I forget that you are the same child who was running around like a maniac and getting into everything possible just an hour earlier.

Some days I wish you could stay this little forever… tucked on my hip, your sweet grin to greet me in the morning when I get you out of the crib, your babbles in my ears, your sweet and soft skin tucked against me when you shower.  Other days, I think about the little boy you will become and then the man you will be and I can’t wait to see you hit the next stage of life.  Achieving your own personal milestones and coming into your own.  I already fantasize about the different ways you will make me proud and my heart can’t wait for the next stage of life where we see even more of who you are becoming.

Know that I love being your momma… I love the way you love me always. I love your sweetness during your quiet times and I love your balls-to-the-walls energy during playtime.  I love your sweet button nose and your crazy afro of blonde curls. 

I can’t believe how awesome your first year has been and I can’t wait to celebrate so many more milestones with you, Brooks.

Happy, happy, happy birthday my little guy. 

your mom


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