Ear Tubes: Take 2

Because Brooks loves following in his brothers footsteps, he figured, heck… Landon did it… I want to get ear tubes too!  So he did.  Last week.

And he did great!

I was especially nervous because between my two children, Brooks tends to be more vocal and tough about what he wants and when he wants it.  When he woke up the night before surgery and was inconsolable for over an hour, we finally gave in and gave him an oz of formula, despite the doctor saying his last bottle could be at 12 (which we gave him).  It worked immediately, but the damage was done.  Giving him any formula meant that we had to push his 7:45 procedure until 11:45.  Of course, we didn’t find this out until we were dressed and in the OR prep-area.  Bad call by mom.  (In hindsight, I wish I would have known to give him apple juice or another clear liquid but he was so upset and I wanted to calm him down.)

So with no food or bottle, he lasted hours beyond what I thought he would and with no fussing or complaints.  I definitely said a little thank you prayer to God for such a great little boy that morning – I couldn’t believe how good he was despite no food for 12 hrs!

When it was almost time to go back for surgery, they gave Brooks some crazy medicine that would relax him so he wouldn’t get upset leaving mom and dad and also getting the anesthesia mask on.  It was hilarious because he was like a little drunk toddler, grinning and hiccupping and just so cuddly.  It was like a one month old in a one year olds body… normally he wants to push away and get down to play, but for these 20 minutes he just cuddled and loved his mommy and daddy and we loved it!

Here are some pics from our brave boy the morning of.



And just as the nurses predicted, all the fluid that has been behind his ear drum for months was affecting his walking because while he would string together 15-20 steps at a time pre-surgery, within 48 hours of getting the fluid out and tubes in, he’s been walking everywhere… across the room and back, pivoting, hussling, on the go. 

And now he’s like a new man and we are so happy his ears are clear!


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